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Louise Justine Aubrée Monet was the mother of Claude Monet

Birth: July 31, 1805 in Paris France

Death: January 28, 1857 in Le Havre France

She married Claude Monet's father, Claude Adolphe Monet, at The Eglise Sainte-Madeleine in Paris on May 20, 1835 when she was 30 years old after the death of her first husband, Emmanuel Cleriadus Despaux, a man of means.

Louise Justine AUBRÉE was the child of François Léonard Aubrée, employee, and Marie Françoise Sophie Toffart.

In his Le Grand Journal, Comte Théophile Beguin Billecocq, gives the following portrait of Claude Monet's mother:

Intelligent and lively , she had the informed and amiable conversational skills of young women raised in Paris

She appreciated Romantic poetry and since her childhood has written Alexandrian verses, quatrains and sonnets, and what's more,they were reasonably good. Shew drew with talent and kept her works, drawings and watercolors, in little sketchbooks that she guarded assiduously and only showed her family. In addition, she played comedy with grace and loved to receive in her salons upper-Havre society, the consuls of powerful foreigners, the mayor and the under-sheriff,religious authorities, as well as members of elegant Parisian society who came to stay in the country during the summer, along the Channel coast. She also enjoyed readind, notably the prose of Balzac and the poetry of Lamartine.