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Alain Cauderlier Caricature by Chaunu

Alain Cauderlier (born November 24, 1959) is a computing engineer, webmaster of several Giverny area and Claude Monet related websites, founder and manager of the Givernet Organisation and of the Giverny-Impression Organisation.

Alain Cauderlier owns and operates The Hermitage B&B and of The Lilacs self-catering cottage in Vernon France.


Alain Cauderlier holds an Engineer's degree in computer science from The ENSEEIHT, and a Master of Advanced Studies in Computer Aided Software Engineering from The University Paul Sabatier Toulouse III. In addition, he is an alumni of The IAE Toulouse.


Alain Cauderlier began his career in compiling techniques by developping a meta-compiler -compiler-compiler- for Matra Espace (today Astrium) in 1982-83 and an Assembly language translator from IBM Serie 1 to IBM PC for Infoplus (further acquired by Control Data) in 1983-84.

He accomplished his National Service as a Math teacher in Lycée Français Paul Valery in Cali Colombia from 1984 through 1986.

He joined GFI (then EDS and now HP) as Software Quality Engineer in 1988 to promote Quality Analysis and Reengineering tools for Cobol legacy systems using Language Technology Inc and Adpac corporation tools and methodes.

He joined Prosystems in 1991 focusing on data reingeneering and Migration to Relational Database Management Systems using CASE tools developped by Charles Bachman.

He was appointed Technical Manager of the CASE Department at Alcatel TITN Answare as Prosystems joined the Alcatel Group in 1992. By then Client-Server architectures have become the target of most reengineering and migration Projects.

In 1995 - 1997 Alain Cauderlier worked as a consultant on main Information System Projects for The French Customs Department, The Ministère de l'Outre Mer, The accounting system of France Telecom.

In 1996 he created website to promote Giverny area on the Internet and founded the Givernet non profit Organisation.

In 1998 he was appointed e-commerce skill center manager at Alcatel Telecom Software and Services with projects for Carrefour e-commerce site and Barclay's online banking.

In 2000 he joined Infophere -a 70 persons DB2 consulting company- as General Manager.

In 2004 he developped Resaplus, an hotel booking system, to face the increasing online booking requests made on Giverny website.

Since 2005 he manages the Givernet Organisation developping websites related to Claude Monet and Giverny area.

In 2011 he founded Giverny-Impression an organisation dedicated to promoting locally made books and gifts for the tourism industry.

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To contact Alain Cauderlier please write to alain at giverny dot org