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"Portrait of a Man: Adolphe Monet" Claude Monet 1865.

Léon Pascal Monet 1836-1917 was the brother of Claude Monet.

He was the first son of Claude Adolphe Monet and Louise Justine Aubrée Monet.

He lived in Rouen.

Claude Monet gave him the portrait he made of him in 1874.

Léon Monet also owned a villa on the seaside at Les Petites Dalles. It is one of the 13 villas called the villas Saint Jean (the first on the right). He bought the land to build this villa on August 9th, 1875 but the villa itself might not have been built before 1883.

When Claude Monet came and painted at Les Petites Dalles, the first time in 1880 and then often during 7 years, he stayed at Léon's villa.